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Jean-Philippe Béland jpbeland at wikimedia.ca
Mon Feb 17 14:58:27 EST 2020

Hello Stacy,

First thing, communications.

We have created a dedicated mailing list for the organization of WCNA 2020:
- https://discussions.wikimedia.ca/lists/listinfo/wcna2020 to join
- wcna2020 at discussions.wikimedia.ca to write to it.

I think that we should use it instead of sending emails to the "Board" or
to individuals directly. It will be easier to keep track of everything, and
the system will keep an archive of all messages.

So far the members of the list are the following:

   - brochon at wikimedia.ca
   - jmlapointe at wikimedia.ca
   - jpbeland at wikimedia.ca
   - lfantin at ourdigitalworld.org
   - mdmiller at wikimedia.ca
   - s.allison.cassin at gmail.com

We should consider to invite and strongly encourage the other folks
involved to join it.

Second thing, meetings.

Yes, I can take care of the secretarial duties related to the Lead
Organizing Committee of WCNA 2020 such as organizing the online meetings,
taking notes at the meetings, and managing whichever tracking/project
management software the committee chooses to use. I agree with you that it
is a good idea to use a software like that, but everybody involved need to
be able to have access (and use it). We used trello in the past.

I remember, it was discussed to schedule monthly meetings for every
month until the conference (and more frequently when we are closer to the
event), and that we will cancel meetings if there is nothing to discuss,
instead of scheduling meetings every time we need to discuss something. I
suggest to decide on a fixed recurring day of the month. I can send a
survey to the people mentioned above (subscribed to the list) to see which
day of the month would be best.

Let me know if you need anything else from me,

Thank you,


On Mon, Feb 17, 2020 at 1:58 PM Stacy Allison-Cassin <
stacyallison at wikimedia.ca> wrote:

> Hi, all.
> I'm not clear on the way we are organized for WCNA and how we are
> splitting up roles.
> JP, will you be organizing logistics like setting up the organizing
> committee meetings?
> How are we recruiting for the different groups and what different
> groups will we have?
> I suggest we use something like Basecamp to organize the work. I
> believe I have access to a full version via my institution, but we
> should strongly consider using project management software to keep
> track of the "to dos" rather than a bunch of google docs.
> Clarification please on what is happening and how work is going ahead.
> FYI. Loren Fantin and I had a meeting last week with a number of
> librarians at UofT and they are looking into spaces on campus that we
> can get as in-kind (free) support. I told them if something looks like
> it will work we (WMC) can issue a formal letter to their head of
> libraries.
> Thanks.
> Stacy
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