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Voir le courriel ci-dessous. Je vais l'ajouter à l'ordre du jour pour la
prochaine rencontre du comité des programmes, mais, en attendant, si vous avez
des suggestions ou voulez être volontaires pour appuyer ce projet, n'hésitez
surtout pas !


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Subject: Call For Participation: Indigenous Arts And Culture Practitioners
Date: 2020-11-13 17:40:21 (America/Toronto)
  Bonjour Lëa-Kim,  
 Le [3]projet Wikidata mené par CAPACOA et le Conseil québécois du théâtre va
bon train. Sur le plan de la modélisation, nous avons même décidé d'entamer
une consultation sur la représentation des oeuvres d'artistes autochtones dans
Wikidata. Afin de faciliter le partage de nos communications avec mes
collègues anglophones, je vais poursuivre en anglais.
 We issued a [4]call for participation to Indigenous arts and culture
practitioners into a consultative process to define how Indigenous artists and
their works should be represented in the Web of data. CAPACOA will hold an an
initial consultation but we know it will be the first of many activities. We
anticipate that Wikidata will be part of the solution, but any new property or
class in Wikidata to denote aspects of Indigeneity would be available for use
by all Wikidatians, whatever sectors they work or are involved in. Very soon,
this mini-project will expand way beyond the performing arts domain and so
should it. When it does, however, CAPACOA will not have the capacity to lead
this endeavour on its own. We have limited human resources and we won't have
the financial capacity to provide financial compensation to Indigenous peoples
participating in the consultative process. 
 Stacy Allison-Cassin suggested I reach out to Wikimedia Canada for support.
 For the current phase of our endeavour, all we would need is for Wikimedia
Canada to help circulate our call for participation to whomever you think
might be interested to participate.
 Then, as the consultation grows beyond the performing arts domain, we would
need some financial support to pay for facilitation fees and to offer an
honorarium to Indigenous peoples participating in the project.
 I hope Wikimedia Canada will be able to suppot this endeavour in one way or

Frédéric Julien (he/il)


Director of Research and Development/Directeur, recherche et développement


Office located on the traditional territories of the Anishinaabe
Omàmiwininiwak (Algonkin) and St. Lawrence Onkwehone:we/Haudenosaunee.

T.: 613-562-3515 x. 3

C.: 613-606-4754

[6]    [7]    [8]


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[1] https://ca.wikimedia.org
[2] https://ca.wikimedia.org
[3] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:Project/Fjjulien/Modelling_and_Populating_Performing_Arts_Data_in_Wikidata/Timeline
[4] https://linkeddigitalfuture.ca/2020/11/03/call-for-participation-indigenous-arts-and-culture-practitioners/
[5] https://capacoa.ca/
[6] https://twitter.com/CAPACOA
[7] https://www.facebook.com/CAPACOA/
[8] https://www.instagram.com/capacoa_arts/
[9] https://capacoa.ca/
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