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Good day Programs Committee,

An international Wikimedia campaign is being organized for the 75 years after
the end of World War II:

I think it could be a great opportunity to engage some of WMCA's GLAM
partners. I'm sure LAC is already organizing something about WWII. Also, we
had an edit-a-thon in Ottawa a few years ago and there was participation from
the Canadian War Museum.

I don't know how such collaboration could look like: developing guides on how
to use the archival resources from those institutions to write on Wikipedia,
doing actual virtual edit-a-thons, mass upload or archives photographies and
other documents on Wikimedia Commons, etc...

What are your thoughts?


Jean-Philippe Béland

Wikimédia Canada, chapitre national soutenant Wikipédia
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[1] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/World_War_II%E2%80%A6_75_Years_After
[2] https://ca.wikimedia.org
[3] https://ca.wikimedia.org
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